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Benefits of Get Taxi app in Taxi Business Company to avoid misuse of GPS Devices

Benefits of Get Taxi app in Taxi Business Company to avoid misuse of GPS Devices

Posted by on March 19th, 2019  •  0 Comments

Sometime in the past taxi service providers and administrators around the globe were dependants on radio calls to get travelers, yet the situation changed with the development of tablets and mobile phones. These touch-empowered savvy gadgets have turned out to be all inclusive and have changed the manner in which the taxi business is functioning. The rising pattern of utilizing these gadgets has enormously improved the services offered,  reduced reaction time, cut the expense of business tasks and particularly demonstrated effective for organizations with a versatile workforce. Huge numbers of these devices chip away at the most recent Android OS, which is an augmentation of the essential highlights and usefulness of Android.

Enhance Communication with Drivers and Passengers

Taxi service nowadays builds up their own mobile application which is utilized both by the passengers’ to book a taxi, on the other hand, the cab drivers to connect and find passengers. Most versatile application inform passengers about the taxi number, correct area of the taxi and the time it would take for it to contact them. With tablets sent in all cabs, drivers get a comparative interface as passengers would have on their mobile phones. The tablets in the fleet display show an ongoing GPS-driven guide that enables drivers and passengers to pursue their travel.

As most drivers are not all around familiar with the utilization of cell phones and tablets, Taxi Company was going up against a test of preparing their drivers for working with the mobile phone. Be that as it may, drivers who know about working the gadgets could possibly abuse the GPS empowered gadgets for their own utilization causing enormous data to cost.

Taxi management wanting to deploy tablets in its fleet require an approach to deal with every one of the tablets that it is installed. Since the number is vast, they require a hearty arrangement that would enable them to push programming refreshes, give remote help, track and screen tablets.

How taxi administrators are overcoming difficulties with the features given by Get Taxi App

Galaxy App gives a complete custom taxi app loaded with features that assistance, taxi company to overcome difficulties in the accompanying ways:

  • Ensure that drivers get to just permitted applications.
  • Gadget settings are available just to the administrator with secret passwords. The drivers don’t approach gadget settings as are not ready to transform it even accidentally.
  • Mass installment of devices can be accomplished over a short period of time.
  • Learning the product is very easy for the IT group due to the straightforwardness and the instinct of the work processes.


For overseeing tablets in its fleet, taxi operation a straightforward arrangement that is easy to deploy and learn. It guarantees ongoing area following and observing of conveying tablets. This strategy works flawlessly and gives an incredible gadget lockdown and administration stage.

With GetTaxi Solutions, cab drivers outfitted with the most recent cell phones have turned out to be more proficient as far as getting clients and dropping them off at their destination. Taxi Company does not require to stress over abuse of tablets or altering of settings any longer. Taxi Company can take care of issues remotely in the event that drivers require help with tablets or application.

To know more about it just mail us at



Why consider taxi software over traditional taxi service?

Why consider taxi software over traditional taxi service?

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Today the mobile phone is playing a vital part of life in day to day activities and with the increase in the number of applications developed has changed the manner in which we live. The taxi booking application has a tremendous amount of impact on how the conventional taxi business functioned. When the online taxi booking application comes to mind one can’t forget the name Uber and Ola. Now Uber has more than one million clients utilizing it day by day in more than 60 nations across the globe.

Building Your Own Taxi Booking App

Without much of a stretch, you can develop a taxi booking application for your taxi business. It is conceivable to employ an app developer or app Development Company to get an app tailored made only for your taxi business. All the required features and functions best in class taxi applications are accessible and can be altered and made into your unique application for your taxi business.

There is no compelling reason to write the entire code or contract a developer and testing group. You can simply buy the entire script, which incorporates the driver module, passenger module, and the admin control. It spares your work and makes your application prepared in a very short span.

No Need for Additional Content Management System

Just in mind, you are thinking that a taxi booking app or script will require extra programming for taxi business management.  Be that as it may, you will be upbeat to realize this isn’t the truth. It doesn’t make a difference which stage you are building up the application for.

APIs is an extraordinary method to adjust an application to the platform. The inward settings and arrangements of the mobile application can adjust the application for the gadget and stage it is going for. You will have the capacity to give your necessities and include the features you need in your application. It is an extraordinary method to make a one of a kind application that stands out enough to be noticed in this focused market.

Focal points of Taxi Booking Apps

There are remarkable points of interest in your taxi business, drivers, and passengers can get by utilizing a taxi booking app.

Advantages to Drivers

  • Drivers don’t have to drive around scanning for passengers.
  • Payment can be made in cashless ways, so drivers don’t have to convey a tremendous amount of money with them
  • Unruly passengers can be distinguished when drivers give negative appraisals on the app
  • Unnecessary time wastage can be reduced by giving the exact location

Advantages to Passengers

  • Cabs can be procured immediately without leaving the home
  • Passengers can get refreshed on the taxi area and their inexact entry time
  • Cashless methods for payments mean passengers require not to complain about money and change
  • Passengers can rate drivers which make the platform more straightforward and reliable
  • Passengers think that it’s helpful to book taxis without looking out for the street and refusing

Advantages of Business

  • Taxi booking applications will enable your business to develop by attracting more travelers
  • You can monitor every vehicle with GPS
  • Taxi booking applications are fundamental for any taxi business in today’s scenario
  • Reports on earnings, transaction, analytics for better review and control

Everything looks good for your taxi business to build up a committed taxi booking application for your company. The conventional taxicabs are missing out in rivalry against the organizations with their own taxi-booking mobile app. It is extremely easy to get an extraordinary taxi app at an affordable cost for expanding and developing your taxi business.



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The traditional taxi service was at one-time sovereignty, Uber made it very reasonable and affordable. They change the entire traditional taxi business so that it paid a way for the individual to carry out their business.

Today, we can take Uber as a benchmark for all the taxi niches. As day by day taxi mode of commute is growing at a rapid phase along with new emerging taxi business operators. Every taxi business operator is searching for better software to serve their requirements. Ultimately end up looking for an Uber-like Taxi app.


Heat Map Integration

This is an essential tool that tells drivers which territories are as of now encountering a sudden change in pricing. Distinctive areas in the guide are filled in with different shades of yellow, orange and red. These are zones where there is an expanded interest for drivers and there is a chance to earn more.

When you drive towards any of these shaded zones, you will begin getting ride demands. Accepting a ride asks for in these zones results in additional salary. Nonetheless, dissimilar to the rider form of the application, this won’t reveal to you how much rivalry is available around you. For that, you should sign into the rider’s application. Drivers ought to be mindful so as not to go into territories that as of now have a group of drivers; this will decrease their odds of booking a ride. This is a unique feature in the driver app and it’s very helpful for the drivers to earn an extra buck.

Destination Filter

Destination channel filter enables you to get trip asks for just from the course, promoting your destination (like your home). At times when you are going someplace particular, you may have a craving for giving a couple of rides, without changing routes, for snappy additional money. This application channel basically enables you to set your application to just take rides going to or close to a destination you determine. It’s extraordinary for getting one more trip in before going home

Utilizations are constrained to two times every day and paying little mind to what number of trips you make along your way, it will just consider one goal utilize, except if you change the goal.

At the point when this feature is turned on, your number of the approaching request will diminish and the time between each request will be divided out a great deal. Regardless of whether you haven’t given any rides yet have a destination set, the application will naturally give you the turn-by-swing direction to your destination. Don’t hesitate to this off by tapping on “Hide”

Notification Tab

The vital notification goes here on this tab. These could be far-reaching or are a particular notification about updates, driver benefits or accommodating articles. Drivers should watch out for this tab, so they don’t miss anything

Earning Estimation

The Earnings Tab is the place where drivers can monitor the amount they’ve earned up until this point.

It shows the earnings by weeks, days and even trips. The payments showcase estimated net fare.  Which implies it’s the sum you will make after the other operational charges get deducted. It may not actually coordinate with your last payment statement.

The graphical representation showed in the earning segment demonstrates your income by weeks. When you tap on the income of any week, it should separate by day.

Outing history gives you a chance to perceive the amount you made in your ongoing excursions,  trips and with Pay synopses, you get a nitty-gritty breakdown of the amount you made in some random week, day or trips.

Each Monday driver gets an email notice to the email address with the payment statement and the income gets sent to the bank account by means of direct account payment.


Invites is the section where the driver gets their rewards when they refer a new user to the platform. When your referral registers for a driver’s account they should use the code of driver referral links.

This is additionally the area where you will have the capacity to perceive how far along your referrals are through the way toward signups, and how much reward you will get in the event that they effectively join and finish a particular number of rides. The reward sum fluctuates by the city they choose.

Offer and Promo Tab

It contains declarations for up and coming time-sensitive special promotions.  Be that as it may, it doesn’t list all the dynamic promotional codes. Drivers should check the social media accounts and any of their Facebook groups for subtle elements on promotions.

The recorded advancements and offers a contrast to the city, and it will change each week. So if there is a particular offer you are searching for and you don’t see it recorded, the user should be intimated to return later.

Trip History

This is the most important section for the driver to have a great insight of the previous trip, including rider name, destination and their earning. Drivers can likewise report rude riders through this tab or open up a trip particular debate with support.

Pay Statement

This section contains a list of all payment received. This will hold the record of payments to make sure they are lined up for future insights.

Driver Rating Tab

Ratings are very crucial for the drivers as it administrates how riders and passengers behave themselves with each other. Both the passenger and driver will have an opportunity to rate each other after the trip. Another important feature of the driver app is that the agency can set a minimum rating for the drivers to continue in an agency.


In this section, the drivers can upload the personal and vehicle documents like driving license, insurance papers, so that they can be a part of a particular taxi rental company.


This is a must feature to support a driver. In help, tab drivers can find many useful features

  • Sign-up
  • Account
  • Partner Guide
  • Safety and Security

Still searching for a driver app with Uber-like features

The GetTaxi Driver app is loaded with a lot of features and with these features like Uber app one can start a taxi business with ease. Moreover, this app also includes some unique features to customize your taxi application according to your requirements

How much it will cost to develop a taxi application

How much it will cost to develop a taxi application ?

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How much amount does it cost to make a taxi application? This question is buzzing in your mind if you are a taxi rental company or taxi business startups.  Taxi software development is about developing a unique idea better than the others and starts working on it.

Before looking into the taxi application estimation, you must be aware of three modules in the taxi application

  1. Driver App Module
  2. Passenger App Module
  3. Admin dashboard

Driver App Module

Driver App Module basically, accepts or reject the offer from the passenger, the request will be redirected to the next driver nearby to the passenger location.

Some of the features available in the driver app

Register: This feature will enable the driver to straightforwardly register in the app by creating the new account along with an additional option of driving license, another document uploading, and verification.

Push Notification: Notification to the driver as the passenger accept to travel along with the pickup location and fare.

Moreover, the taxi app also includes some unique features let us have a look at them:

  • Status: This shows the availability of a taxi. This tells users if the driver is ready to pick up the ride or not.
  • Order Alert: This informs about a new trip and furthermore shows payment and street points of interest, additionally, it likewise permits getting and canceling requests.
  • Navigation: As its name recommends, this demonstrates the best route for the trip to the travellers.
  • Total Fare: This segment of the application ensures the cost of the trip along with discounts and coupon applied.
  • Reports: This section shows the report regarding the trips and the earnings of the driver.

Passenger App Module

As its name suggests, Passenger application is the application, which will be available in app modules and will be used by the user to send a booking request to the nearest driver through the taxi app.

The features of Taxi booking application will offer to the passengers

Register: This feature will enable the user to straightforwardly enroll in the application by utilizing his/her current social media account, or he/she can make a new account.

Taxi Booking: User can book a taxi at that instance or can book it for later by utilizing these features. Your application can incorporate both of the alternatives or can have just a single of them, similarly as you require

Payment: This feature will allow the user to make the payment directly from the app.

Pop-up messages: This feature demonstrates every one of the points of interest and data of the visit subsequent to acceptance of the ride by the driver. It tells the user with all the details and information such as model, passenger count, color, the number of the car and average time of arrival (ETA).

Ride History: This feature shows a complete history of your previous trips.

Fare Calculator: This feature helps in calculating the total fair of the travel.

Driver’s Review and Rating: This segment of the application grandstands the client’s remarks and evaluations about the driver, his taxi, and travel security.

Admin Dashboard

The admin panel of Gettaxi application is commonly web-based software, which helps in storing away the database and in dealing with passenger’s and driver’s activities.

The admin dashboard additionally provides different tasks, for example, it gives a general overview of all processes, gives the logistic of drivers and trips, and deals with all the financial issues.

It can likewise be connected up to the Google Analytics tools, or, in other words, monitoring the marketing activities likewise be demonstrated as the beginning stage for the modification of the whole business process

Hourly rate of taxi application development varies from place to place greatly

  • $20-40 in Asia
  • $40-80 in Europe
  • $100-150 in UK/USA

In general, the cost to make a taxi application is around $50 per hour, but in Get Taxi App development, we offer a $20 hourly rate and incredible support service

Driver App Development

For IOS and Android development it roughly takes 300-430 hours

For Driver App development with an average cost per hour, it’s equated to $6000 – $8600

Passenger App Development

For IOS and Android development it roughly takes 200 -300 hours

For Driver App development with an average cost per hour, it’s equated to $4000 – $6000

Want to create a taxi app at an affordable cost?

If you are looking for a team of developers to create a taxi app to digitally transform your taxi business. We are here to assist you! We provide a full stack development team to create a taxi app for your valuable taxi business. Just drop us an email about your taxi app requirements at


Why Get Bike Taxi App? 3 Major Reasons to choose

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Right now, bike Taxi software has effectively cleared the significant nations like the United States, China,  India, Taiwan, Spain and numerous different nations over the world. Two-wheels have totally changed the manner in which we drove in past occasions. In any case, in the course of the most recent couple of years, dockless bikes have been springing up on the streets over the real urban areas. Likewise, dockless electric bike organizations have rolled out enormous improvements in transportation services for the better.

What’s more, the support of GPS-empowered bike sharing applications let them develop various bike taxi applications. If you are looking for a good bike taxi app for your bike taxi business Getbike-taxi app is another option with profound three main advantages

Ease of use and Commute

One of the fundamental reasons why Get-bike-taxi is the fruitful bike taxi app development company in the market is that it has given the answer to one of the significant issues that are traffic congestion.

Such an issue has a genuine solution that is given by GetBike-Taxi App. The bike sharing platform has decreased such traffic issues as everybody can hire a bike with the assistance of GetBike-Taxi application.

The medium of the drive is GPS-empowered bike that is working through a bike-sharing application, enabling users to hire the bicycles on-request with very simple steps. By including a couple of groundbreaking highlights of the bike sharing application like GetBike-Taxi, you can make helpful and amazing application for your bike-taxi business.

GetBike-Taxi, has seen unbelievable achievement in setting up and constructing an application and has blasted in today’s market. Be that as it may, the idea of shared versatility is dependable to offer the simplicity of drive and an unmistakable vision of the eventual fate of urban communities. It additionally gives road security to passengers.

Ultimate Bike-Taxi Business Model

GetBike-Taxi is getting more grounded in different markets across the world. For whatever length of time that the market for bike sharing is concerned, it is a developing exponentially. With GPS-prepared smart bikes, a bicycle sharing application is dependable to give accessibility to its suburbanites or application clients. It additionally enables urban inhabitants to get more out of the spots effortlessly at a reasonable expense. Along these lines, individuals normally pick such a system over public transport.

As GetBike-Taxi application officially shortened drives by going about as a method for joining public transportation, the application offers access to everybody who driving from intercity. Today, individuals wanted to drive through bikes due to giving various genuine reasons to avoid various difficulties in the past such as traffic, time of travel etc.

GetBike-Taxi has effectively set a standard for its rivals. Be that as it may, the plan of action under the bike sharing application development has colossal potential and bike sharing startups can get a more extreme level of ROI (Return on Investment) with the correct arrangements and execution. So, the GetBike-Taxi app is the ideal plan of action as they make an incentive for the customers or application users. To put it plainly, there will be a win circumstance for new startups.

Bike Sharing is the latest trend in urban transport

As per the latest trend bike taxi is perceived as a standout amongst the best plans of action for today’s transport. Additionally, there is no space for uncertainty in that application development those are likewise a major hit in the ride-sharing specialty.

That is the reason; this compelling idea has tackled a few noteworthy issues and given arrangements like the substitution of cars and traditional traffic congestion from real urban communities across the globe. Financial specialists are additionally taking premium and putting a vast amount of investment in the bike sharing company as a result of the rapid growing bike sharing idea in the mind of urban commutes.

The plan of action is well known among individuals due to its reasonableness of cost and comfort. A similar thing applies here as dockless bike sharing applications like GetBike-Taxi has just given arrangements which enhance clients’ lives, however dispensing with a traffic clog in urban communities

In this way, in the event that you are intending to make a bicycle sharing application like GetBike-Taxi, at that point it tends to be a major hit and effective in the market, however, make a point to make your application simple to-get to. On the off chance that you have just concluded the application thought and need to change over it into a fruitful application, at that point you can cross-confirm your application thought with us as we are a major taxi applications development company.

In case that you have any question or perplexity in regards to bike sharing application development cost breakdown, you can connect with us through the contact us page, and one of our business delegates will return to you with an ideal arrangement.


Is the Taxi App is helpful to Taxi Business or Taxi Startups?

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The inventions of advanced mobile phone applications have changed the manner in which we organize our own lives. The taxi booking application has created a blend of how the traditional taxi business company works.

No Demand for Extra Content Management Technique

You should think about making an online taxi booking application development project will require another product for substance heading. In any case, you will be satisfied to comprehend this isn’t the truth. We should get begin your tasks with a taxi application development company.

Highlights of Taxi Restoring Programs

You can discover remarkable advantages your taxi business venture, drivers, and a passenger may get utilizing taxi booking programs on the go. Taxi application will make your taxi business administration a lot simpler.

Advantages to drivers

Drivers don’t have to drive around the city to hunt down for passengers. If a passenger is requesting for a ride it will be immediately notified to the nearby driver.

With the help of the heat zone, the driver can get high paying when the passenger ride request came from a particular area which is in high demand.

Payment can be made in the cashless transaction; subsequently, drivers don’t have to carry cash with them as it may be considered as a risk.

Advantage for Passengers

Taxis might be hired promptly without leaving Your Home. Safety and security are ensured to the passenger by the taxi app in the form of the bell SOS icon. So that if an emergency situation came, they just press this bell icon it will immediately report to admin.

Points of interest to Startups

Taxi-booking applications will enable your business to develop by drawing more passengers.

You May Keep an Eye on each vehicle with a GPS and with the help of GPS you can know the exact location of a particular taxi. In case of an emergency if an SOS is raised it will be immediately notified to the admin so that he can take the next action at that instance.

Planning to develop a taxi app for your taxi business or taxi startups! We have a better solution with us in the name of Get Taxi App. It is a white label taxi app developed for any type of taxi business as it is highly customizable.

Contact Us at



Worrying about your taxi business - Gettaxi app

Worrying About Your Taxi Business? Are your Taxi business is not picking up and what would be the reason?

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There is a tremendous amount of competition in the taxi business nowadays.  Top players in the taxi business such as Uber and Ola made a disruption in the taxi industry across the globe with their launch of mobile app to book a taxi in just one click.

Traditional taxi businesses now gradually facing the problem of their customers are graded shifting to service like Uber and Ola that promises reliability in service. While your traditional taxi booking methods revolve around paper-based booking systems and holding records. The top players like Uber are providing a real-time booking platform for the drivers and passengers with the current technologies.

What is happening then?

Using outdated technology for taxi booking

On the off chance that your customers need to call you to book taxis, make a stride back and consider the sort of experience you are conveying to the customers. Envision a potential passenger holding up outside in the harsh climate and he/she needs to ring you to pick.

You at that point accept the booking and there goes your taxi to pick-up. This takes minutes and keeps the passenger pausing. In a time, wherein the passenger needs speed, the booking should take not exactly a couple of moments. Be that as it may, on account of the outdated technology and you continue losing customers each time.

Depending excessively on manual procedures

Since you acknowledge appointments through telephone calls, there’s a considerable measure of staff and back-end forms you have to oversee. It gobbles up your valuable time.

Your rivals are utilizing relentless strategies to pull your clients towards them and by not utilizing innovation; you are causing your own downfall!

There’s no real way to screen the efficiency of your drivers

In the event that you are not estimating the profitability and proficiency of your drivers, you are submitting a major oversight. Conventional taxi organizations have no chance to get of checking what their drivers are doing. This prompts under-usage of your assets further exasperating your main concern issues.

Poor Passengers encounter

Booking taxis through telephone calls are slowly getting to be inconsistent. Additionally, the manual procedures add to the issues. Travellers require affirmed, dependable pick-up on time. On the off chance that your business is neglecting to satisfy their fundamental need, you are losing that client until the end of time.

Since you are utilizing old fashioned methods, your travellers are totally unconscious about the rating and review of your drivers. A slight uneasiness caused amid the voyage prompts awful experience harming your reputation.

No continuous network among drivers and Passengers

You have dependable, proficient drivers yet your prospects are totally uninformed for the way that they are accessible to pick them up from different areas like the bus stop, airport, train stations etc.

Keep in mind, this is a tremendous open door you are passing up. It, further, adds to the current hardships of your taxi business

Why not try a taxi booking app to increase your ROI

A large portion of us rely upon our handheld devices for nearly anything including taxi booking. Versatile offers boundless chances to modernize your taxi business and take it to the following new dimension.

Your rivals are as of now putting resources into Custom Taxi App Development to grow their taxi business

A taxi booking app is completely customizable depending upon the requirement of the customers and needs. A white label taxi booking application is custom made for the different platforms like IOS and Android to help to grow your taxi business in the most prospective way

Are you using a mobile taxi booking application for your taxi company? No then e-mail us at to provide a solution for your taxi business.